Nano Coating – PC02 (Plastic/Leather)


Coating for plastic etc.
Advanced UV protection.
Prevents fading & cracking.

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PG Care Nano Coating Spray is designed to restore leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber to its original new car look whilst providing a barrier of protection against UV and other effects caused by the sun. Cleans and protects. Use on vinyl, plastic & rubber. Original satin non-glare finish. Water resistant after application.

Directions for use:

  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • Adjust nozzle for best spray
  • Clean off any dust and dirt from surface
  • Spray evenly onto surface
  • Leave for 5 minutes to penetrate then buff surface dry with a clean dry micro-fibre cloth
  • Apply regularly to maintain a clean, new car look and ensure protection against the elements

Warning: Do not use on the floors, pedals, tires, steering wheel or any surface which could be hazardous when slippery. Do not apply to glass or painted surfaces.